Thematic boards IV. Rustic weddings

· 16 February, 2022 · 12:14 pm

Today I want to talk to you about country or rustic weddings. And you will say to me, «Again? But they have been in fashion for more than five years!» Well yes, I answer you, again. Because experience has shown me that there are styles that will never die no matter how much other trends are in fashion: the first is –as I call it– all-white; and the second the rustic-country style.

Those wooden barns in the purest American style, those large wooden tables, the use of wicker baskets and wooden boxes, cages and carts, Mason jars with candles, kraft or recycled paper, wild flowers, and the green, lots of green. Garlands of light bulbs and green are the key to warmth.

All these are simple and eternal elements that, due to their naturalness, always give a good vibe. And although you think that it is a decoration that has been seen too much, the truth is that a country wedding is a sure hit. Here are some ideas taken from Pinterest to inspire you.

Cover photo Benni Carol Photography.