The wedding invitations and their envelopes

· 8 February, 2021 · 8:37 pm

Reviewing the topics that we have already covered in this blog, I have realized that I have never written a post about invitations. An essential element in any event. The invitation is the cover letter of a wedding, and there are as many styles as wedding styles… From classic and elegant, to vintage, with minimalist or romantic airs, inspired by nature or with bohemian touches; with illustrations or watercolors, photos of the couple, various forms or even digital. The world of wedding stationery is immense. But there is one element of invitations that I personally love: the envelopes and their finishes.

Nowadays the final presentation of an invitation is super important. It is no longer about putting the cards in an envelope that is a bit special and that is all. No! Now there is much more…

I will start with the lined envelopes because they seem very personal and one hundred percent customizable. Linings with flowers, stripes, drawings that represent your something special, or simply colors and textures. With these same motifs instead of a lining you can add another element that is also very fashionable: a sash closing the envelope. And in this same line the ribbons, ropes or bows are also used, alone or holding a bouquet of preserved flowers or the label with your logo or the name of the guest to whom the invitation is addressed.

But if these ideas do not convince you, there are more elements that can be added to an envelope, such as: a sealing wax, an ink stamp personalized with your name or logo, an embossed stamp on the envelope itself or even a sticker. In the end it all depends on the style you choose for the rest of the decoration. But do not forget, with that envelope your guests will get the first impression of what your wedding will be.

Here are some inspiring ideas taken from Instagram. Take a look!