Play with the light. Lighting at weddings

· 25 March, 2021 · 10:51 am

In any evening event, lighting has to play an important role. For a long time we were talking in this blog about decorating with candles. Today we bring you ideas to decorate with lights.

And it is that light strips, bulbs or curtains create very special environments. The garlands can be placed in fair mode, that is, from the center to the corners, or using any other element such as the trunk or branches of the trees, or the structure itself used for floral decoration as a point of attachment. They can also be placed on the ground by making paths. Or in curtain mode (this is my favorite) occupying all the space so that it seems that your guests are dining or dancing under a sky of stars. Isn’t it magic?

Here are some inspiring images taken from Pinterest. Do you dare to put something like this at your wedding?