Declaration of love in Los Respigos de la Pradera

· 25 January, 2017 · 4:54 pm

When Gorka told us that he wanted to surprise his partner with a very special breakfast, we knew right away what he needed. A romantic night in Los Respigos de la Pradera, the rural house that our dear Mery has set as a place of rest and tranquility. A slow home where the priority, like she says, is the peaceful life in collusion with the field. This beautiful house that reminds of its style to those of Iparralde, with its wooden shutters painted in red, is in Ahedo, a neighborhood of Ampuero (Cantabria).

There we prepared what we called table for a declaration of love, because what Gorka intended was to propose marriage to Iker. So, with a rural and autumn decoration, in line with the environment, we offered them coffee and pancakes with fruit and cream –their favorite breakfast- and some homemade cookies where it could read “Casémonos” (Let’s get married).

And of course, he, delighted, said yes! Now it is only date search. And if you need a few days of relaxation, do not hesitate, Los Respigos is your place.