Put a sofa in your wedding ceremony

· 17 May, 2021 · 4:13 pm

On other occasions we have talked about decoration for wedding ceremonies, as in this post about backdrops or ceremonial arches.

But today we want to add another element to that decoration: the sofas. Wicker or rattan armchairs for the bride and groom have long become fashionable and we in particular love that normal chairs or wooden stools are being replaced by other ideas that are a little more special.

The sofas or armchairs of the style that you like and that you have chosen for the rest of the decoration (vintage, rustic, classic, etc.) are very good to create chill out environments, as backgrounds for photocall, but, above all, we love them for ceremonies. We believe that (following the example that religious ceremonies gave us) the bride and groom have already spent a lot of time with their backs to their guests or on one side, giving prominence to the person who officiated the ceremony. But it is time for them to occupy a central place, in front and in a seat worthy of the protagonists of the day. That they can be observed well, and that, in the same way, they can see their guests well. A seat, as they say, fit for a king.

Here are some ideas that can inspire you to include a sofa or armchairs in your wedding ceremony.

Pictures: Pinterest.