About wedding tables and centerpieces

· 20 October, 2022 · 5:46 pm

There are those who think that the important thing at a table is the food, but the truth is that the centerpieces and the well-chosen small details ꟷsuch as the linens, the color of the glasses, the underplates or even the bread platesꟷ have become a super important part in the design of a wedding.

It is clear that, as we always say, this aspect also has to go according to the rest of the decoration, but there are so many elements to think about… Just flowers or candles too? In what style and color? One large vase or several small ones? And what material? Over a base? The questions are endless, as are the possible ideas and combinations with which you can play.

To help you a little bit I bring you a selection of ideas taken from Pinterest. And it is that, I must confess, that I have an obsession with wedding tables and their decoration. And what about you, what do you think?