Esther Gamito, Wedding Photographer

· 12 April, 2021 · 3:34 pm

Today we interview the photographer Esther Gamito. She is characterized by a natural photography style and the emotion that she puts into every job she does. You can find her here, in the Basque Country, but you can also take her anywhere in the world. But no one better than her to explain why she is a photographer, the services she offers and a sample of her work.

Panateneas: Why do you dedicate yourself to photography?
Esther: I have always liked photography and everything that has to do with the visual. I love being able to portray people who love each other. I feel very fortunate to be able to work capturing special moments of families and couples.

Panateneas: What made you dedicate yourself to the world of weddings?
Esther: I love weddings. Although I also work with companies for which I do corporate or product photography, much of my work is focused on emotional photography. Family and couples sessions who want to portray their love to keep it as a souvenir. Years ago, after specializing and training in wedding photography, I went for them. I love love and tell the story of people in one of the most beautiful days of their lives. Weddings are emotions on the surface and I am a lover of seeing this and portraying it with my camera.

Panateneas: How do you feel when you get behind the camera? And what do you want to convey with your photographs?
Esther: Emotion. I empathize a lot with each of my partners and that is why I get very excited at weddings. On the wedding day I am attentive to every detail and present at all times so that the whole day is captured in the photographs. Thanks to that I manage to transmit everything that they live as a faithful reflection of the wedding.

Panateneas: What are your wedding services?
Esther: I cover the entire wedding day. I am with them from early morning until the party. They can also choose to do the pre-wedding and post-wedding report as they wish. So that they can keep their photos forever I deliver the entire wedding on paper photos and a precious USB. In addition, I also work as a graphic designer and make personalized wedding invitations.

Panateneas: Do you recommend doing the pre-wedding report?
Esther: YES! Some couples often ask me if it is mandatory and it is not, but I do highly recommend it. The pre-wedding report helps them to remove their “fear” of the camera since many of them have not taken photos before. And also, they are going to take some cool souvenir photos.

Panateneas: And the post-wedding?
Esther: The post-wedding is also highly recommended. On the wedding day we always take a little while if the bride and groom want it to take some photos alone, but in the post-wedding session we can do a report on the beach or in any place or city that is special for them. Also that day there will be no nerves or rush so we will enjoy much more.

Panateneas: What sets you apart from other photographers or why should couples choose you?
Esther: I advise couples to look at photographers that do a job that suits their tastes and to convey to them what they know they want for their wedding day. I think that is the most important thing, that you like my work and philosophy. After all, I am going to get the job done on one of the most important days of their life.

Panateneas: In a wedding the photographer maintains a very intimate relationship with the couple, could you tell us how you do to achieve that trust?
Esther: Yes, it is true, a very intimate and close relationship is created with the couple. My work as a photographer begins a year before the wedding day because since they contact me the first time I am in contact with the couples and a feeling is created that makes me the wedding day feel like one more in their wedding. I believe that this combination of trust and time is the perfect formula for the bride and groom to feel comfortable and calm on their wedding day.

Panateneas: Anything else to add?
Esther: Highlight your work as Wedding Planners. I encourage all couples to let themselves be helped and advised for their wedding. Thanks to your work, I have seen how many couples have been much calmer throughout the preparation process and of course also on the wedding day because they knew that everything was in good hands. Having that peace of mind of professionalism is what I recommend the most, and I apply it to any provider!

What a lovely girl! Thanks for your words, Esther. You can see more about her on her website and on her social media: Instagram and Facebook.