Christmas lights

· 10 December, 2019 · 7:15 am

Lights yes? Lights not? The controversy is served regarding this issue. There seems to be a battle between cities (some people call it «fever of lights») to see who invests more money for this purpose. A lot of people think that it is a superfluous expense that could be destined to other social needs… And the truth is that, as much as the streets are more beautiful (which is also for tastes) and people feel happy and with Christmas spirit –and as a consequence with a spending spirit– we share that thought.

A few weeks ago Mikel and I were in Porto. The first day we listened from our apartment a little music every so often, but we didn’t know where it came from. And we were amazed when we discovered that the music was coming out of the building of the mythical Marcolino watchmaking. Not only was its facade full of lights amazing, it is that it «sang» carols every hour for 15 minutes! Although it is nothing compared to the great ball of the Gran Vía in Madrid, the super ferris wheel of Vigo, or the Christmas Market of Malaga, to name some of the decorations that are attracting attention lately in our country.

And I wonder … Is it responsible to spend so many millions of euros on something like that? Do people really do tourism like this? And, above all, where is the true message of Christmas?