Your wedding decoration

· 24 March, 2022 · 1:29 pm

Many times I have explained to you that our work as Wedding Planners is not limited exclusively to the decorative aspect, but it is a very important part. That is why today I want to explain to you how we do it, how we design the decoration for a wedding. Especially with foreign couples with whom we almost always do this part in the distance.

For this it is essential to create a board, for example on Pinterest, with all your ideas. Not everything has to make sense together, we will give it later. It is a first contact to find out what you like: the colors, the type of flower, the materials, the lights and any other element that has a special meaning for you. Even if you think your boards are crazy nonsense, I assure you that for me they are perfect. A style, a line always stands out… And I love to show you different ideas from there that later, of course, we go concretizing.

With clear ideas and the budget for this item decided, the next step is to contact the right professionals to put them into practice: florist or workshop, furniture rental service, carpets, neons and lights and so on and so on. And then we define exactly each area to decorate: ceremony, dining room, special corners, your bouquet and boutonnieres…

Many times you have such a clear idea that you want exactly what you have seen in a photo, but the best thing is when that photo does not exist because what we have thought of is unique and exclusively for you. We love that you trust us so much!

And do not forget that whatever style you choose, the important thing is that everything follows the same line, the same color palette, the same style. That nothing clashes and is aesthetically consistent so that it transmits peace and looks beautiful. For me that is the key to decoration.