Ideas for a table plan

· 2 February, 2017 · 12:11 pm

The famous seating plan is what we have always known as the protocol. An outline of the dining tables with the names of each guest written on sad papers. It is a good thing that the customization of weddings has also taken into account this aspect, which often goes together with the rest of the stationery, in combination with the invitations, the menus and programs or the cards of the favors.

In the last years the traveling theme has been one of the most popular, with the map of the world and countries or cities as names of table or some city in particular emphasizing important monuments of the same one. But there are as many ideas as themes we can think of. From simple panels with the metro plane and its stations, Marvel characters, music records, groups or songs important for the couple, movies or shops, to more complex compositions such as cages, norias or family trees.

There are also the classic cards with the name, find your key or the tray with chocolates or some other sweet. And following the same decorative line of the event can be used watering can, flowerpots, bottles or gratings where the cards with the lists of each table hang. Finally, glass doors, whiteboards, event tone frames, logs, pineapples, fruits or even photos of the guests themselves, everything is valid! Here we leave you some samples.

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