Your wedding guests

· 3 October, 2019 · 5:40 am

The other day, thinking about everything I have learned over these years immersed in the world of weddings, I realized that people are really important. Because with no one to appreciate it, a beautiful bridal bouquet is worthless…

And then I went further and thought that in reality, the most important thing in a wedding are the guests. Yes, evidently the bride and the groom are too, because they are the protagonists and the reason for the celebration, but without guests there would be no wedding. Unless you make an “elopment” (of which I declare myself a fan).

It is for them, for your guests, for whom you spend all that money. For those who choose a wonderful venue, with a meal of 10. It is to them who you want to surprise with the decoration, with each song or with the surprises that you have prepared for them: gifts, performances, speeches, etc.

In short, the guests are the soul of your wedding, and who will finally judge whether it has been a “horror wedding” or a great one of those who make history.