Where should I start?

· 14 September, 2022 · 12:16 pm

Christmas and summer are the most common dates when couples get engaged and start planning their wedding. But, you may ask, where should I start? Ideally, you would hire a person to help you on this path (write to us!), but if you prefer to do it alone, here are some tips:

1) The first step is to make a list of guests, define a budget and clarify ideas, both of the things you want and those that you are clear you do not want.

2) With this clear, you must focus on the search for the estate or restaurant because the availability of the venue can mark the date of the wedding, essential in turn to hire the rest of the suppliers.

3) Then you have to start looking for and hiring all those professionals whose physical presence is required (because if they work alone they can’t be in two places at the same time, of course!): officiant, photographer, videographer, makeup and hairdresser, musical group, special car, DJ, etc.

4) Also companies that have a limited number of events per day: catering, decoration, furniture, buses, sweets, entertainment, etc.

5) In the same way, it is important to start thinking about the decorative project and the stationery as soon as possible. I have already told you many times, but for us ꟷthe Wedding Plannersꟷ it is super important that all this has an aesthetic sense, a visual cohesion that makes nothing seem out of place no matter how simple the decoration is.

6) It is also the time to choose your outfits with all the accessories, alliances, the honeymoon…

7) And choosing menus, doing makeup and hair tests, sending out invitations, doing pre-wedding sessions, planning the dining room tables, deciding on bus stops and countless other little details that will make your day special.

8) And, this is all? Of course not! Now you have to coordinate all this. But you are still in time to hire a wedding day coordination service if you do not see yourself capable. Such a service will help you with the final timing, the last minute details, the coordination of the day and the resolution of any problem that may arise. Believe me, they always come up! 😉

The photos that illustrate this post are from Varua for Stephanie and Francisco’s wedding at the Carlton Hotel. With the wonderful work of Alba Herrera, Alazne Montero, Silvia Echevarria, Flores Elorz, Caligrafía Bilbao, Scherzando and The Golden Covers.