Panateneas and the destination weddings

· 27 March, 2017 · 7:56 pm

Every time I tell people that this year some of our Panateneas couples are foreign, people ask me the same thing: «But how out? And they do not have any link with Spain?» Well, no! And this is what we like the most… Those people who choose the north of Spain for their wedding because they are attracted by the surroundings, the food, the wine, the environment…

We received many requests for information that come from couples who are considering marrying here, along with other options such as Florida, Bali, Cadiz … Is not great to put the Basque Country, Cantabria or La Rioja at that level?

These are couples looking for an authentic Spanish wedding, mostly religious, with romantic character and with few guests. They prefer exclusive places with good views, almost always by the sea or between vineyards. They love the gardens, the candles lighting the sunset and the rustic places, with much charm. And we love them. We put all our love in these weddings set in the distance. We are waiting for you here!