What does travel mean to you?

· 7 November, 2016 · 11:00 am

The other day a couple asked me, and where would you go on honeymoon? Well, me, anywhere! I answered.

Sure, I like seeing monuments and buildings in big cities, as well as visiting ancient ruins. I love nature, sunbathing on paradisiacal beaches and in the sea I feel like a fish in the water. I am fascinated by the animals in their habitat and I would surely target any kind of adventure that someone would suggest to me. But above all, what I like most is meeting people and other cultures. I love to walk through villages and sit and watch the rhythm of their inhabitants, their daily lives. For me this is one of the most fascinating things to travel.

Because in the end, in this globalized era, any photo or video can show us the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower much better and in more detail than we would see in reality, but just leaving home we can experience, we can live with all the senses. Because if you do not go you cannot really know how smells India, the metro of Paris or the dye pits of the tanners of the Fez market.

You cannot feel in your body the suffocating and humid heat of the Caribbean during the rainy season, or the grandiosity of Istanbul’s mosques at sunset. You cannot hear the crash that causes the water fall in Niagara Falls, nor can you feel the movement of the earth when hundreds of animals run together through the African savannah.

You cannot experience that impression when you are diving and a bank of colorful fish comes to you, or that indescribable emotion when you enter Petra and suddenly the Treasure appears before you…

Because for me travel is all this, is to live a place, to feel it, to experience it… What is traveling for you?