My grandma’s birthday

· 8 June, 2015 · 6:57 am

In a few days my grandmother Mimi turns 84 years old. It is not a round number, of those specials, but she has been thinking for a while about how to celebrate it this year. And what she likes the most is to meet everyone, her five sons and daughters, with their respective partners and 13 grandchildren, in total, 24. It does not matter if it’s a meal, a snack or a simple coffee, in home or outside, the important thing for her is to join us all and see us enjoy.
That’s what I like most about my grandmother, her desire to live, laugh and have fun. And I wonder, how many times have we stopped celebrating our birthday or some other important occasion because there was nobody or it fell during the week, and we thought, we will celebrate next month…
Her attitude teaches us that we must not leave for tomorrow what we can do today. It does not matter if it’s an impromptu party, that the tablecloths do not match with the napkins or that there are not chairs for everyone. Sometimes we give so much importance to the details that we forget the fundamental, be happy, like her.