Sadness in silence or sharing our memories?

· 4 June, 2014 · 3:44 pm

In loving memoryThe feelings after the loss of a loved one and the way we experience grief are different for each person. However, we cannot deny that this society has tried to impose us a specific pattern, which consists of going through this process as fast as possible. As a consequence, we keep the pain and sadness to ourselves and we sometimes do not even dare to share our feelings with our inner circle. Although things have started to change, death and all that comes with it is still a taboo, about which most people do not usually speak out of respect or because of fear.

In spite of everything, we would like to contribute to a change of mentality, as we think that the decease, just like birth, weddings or anniversaries, has to be commemorated in another way than by an impersonal funeral mass. We believe that people deserve an emotive last goodbye because of what they were and signified to their loved ones. In this way, regardless of religions, with these homages we propose to remember and revive precious moments in company with those who loved him, a tribute to a life well lived.