Breaking with protocol

· 18 September, 2014 · 7:55 am

The romantic weddings in the open sea on board of the Pacific Princess made us think that getting married miles away from the coast and with a captain dressed in spotless white as the Justice of the Peace, was something completely normal and, above all, totally legal. Nevertheless, the Love Boat was just a series, and as always, real life does not adjust to fiction.

Despite everything, every day there are more couples who prefer to complete by themselves the corresponding formalities at court and, afterwards, wish to share a celebration with their loved ones, although fictitious, but original and entertaining, in which all of the guests can participate. At civil weddings everything is permitted, and skipping the protocol is very popular nowadays. Couples write their own scripts and one can also hold a symbolic ceremony such as the light, roses or sand ceremony. The first one consists in the bride and groom lightening a paschal candle and two smaller ones. The big one symbolizes marriage and life together and the smaller ones represent them as free and independent individuals. On the other hand, at the roses ceremony, the couple will give each other the first present as husband and wife: a red rose, a symbol of love. If you choose this ritual, a rose will always be the way you will show your love for one another throughout your life together. Regarding the sand ceremony, each of you will add a jar filled with sand in different colors, making waves which symbolize the basis of your marriage and what each of you contributes to it.

Themed weddings with funny costumes, from superheroes to the amusement of a Venetian carnival, original dances, like the one from the movie La gran familia española, the release of butterflies or emotional speeches by siblings or friends, so that the guests will not stop laughing or crying. These weddings are the ones which make us guests move and be a part of the couple’s happiness. Everything is possible on your big day with a little bit of imagination. What do you like?