Thematic boards I. Weddings full of color

· 16 June, 2020 · 7:52 pm

Many times I have told you that most couples I work with prefer a decoration in white and green and, at most, a flower of another color for the bouquet or some other important element of the design. But in general, that elegance of white and off-white prevails.

However, next week we would have had a very cheerful and colorful wedding. I say we would have because the coronavirus has delayed it to the next year so we will have to wait. but since we really want to design we have thought about starting a series of posts on our blog with design ideas for different wedding styles.

And I start, as I was saying, with the “total colorfull”. The color is joy and I find the couples who choose to give a lot of color to their weddings beautiful and super daring. Here I leave you some ideas for the different elements of a wedding following this colorful line, do you dare?

Pictures: Pinterest.