Thematic boards III. Tropical weddings

· 11 March, 2021 · 7:49 pm

So far, in our post collection on thematic boards we have given you ideas for “total colorfull” weddings, for weddings romantics in powdered tones and today we bring you inspiration for tropical weddings.

The Caribbean, Hawaii or Polynesia (among many others) are super inspiring places for the decorative theme of a wedding. Plants with large green leaves such as the Palm, the Adam’s Rib or the Banana tree give freshness and a feeling of vitality. And they can be used as simple decorative elements or as a support for the table plan, menus, the names of the guests, as a motif for invitations, etc. Also noteworthy are bushy plants such as Proteas, Bromeliads, Bird of Paradise; or the crass or succulents like cacti. As for its exotic flowers, they are super special and different from what we usually use here: plumeria, hibiscus, orchids…

And regarding to materials, this type of decoration opts for untreated or natural woods such as teak, or bamboo, raffia, rattan, wicker or jute. Without forgetting all the game that fruits such as pineapples, mangoes or coconuts can give. As elements for the centerpieces or as part of little corners of fruits or natural juices, I love it!

Finally, as details we cannot forget with such a theme, placing baskets with fans or pai pai, Panama-style hats, umbrellas, etc. It’s a theme that gives a lot of play, check out these ideas from Pinterest!