3 years of Panateneas

· 3 April, 2017 · 10:19 am

Today is 3 years and 92 blog posts that we inaugurate Panateneas. Since then we have talked about many topics, like weddings and other parties, memory, history, travel, recommendations or curiosities of any kind. And so many things have happened…

We started with great enthusiasm trying to implant another way of seeing death in the Basque Country, but the truth is that it is still a taboo subject and we are not going to end this mentality overnight. Meanwhile we have been participants of important moments in the lives of many people. We have organized weddings and various parties, engagement parties, business meetings or tours around Euskadi. We have officiated their ceremonies and written wonderful love stories. Without forgetting all the great people that we have known -and continue knowing day by day- dedicated to the world of events.

At the same time, as historians, we have never lost the link with the university, writing articles or participating in congresses. Barbara, for his part, decided a few months ago to change airs for a while getting involved in a great project that had been very keen for a long time. While Ale combines Panateneas with jobs that unite her to this earth like the Bilbaopedia with its section of celebrations and ephemeris, or Arovite, a project that unites the historical research with our commitment to remember our dead, in this case victims of terrorism.

And as we do not stop evolving, this year we are dedicating ourselves to love. Love in its broadest sense, that which moves the world every day. 2017 will give us many beautiful moments with people who have trusted in Panateneas for their special day. Thanks to those who have supported us in this time. For you we will continue striving every day.