Passengers board the train

· 17 May, 2019 · 8:24 am

As I have always been fascinated by trains, today I bring you some ideas for those lovers of the golden age of the railroad.

My favorite has always been the Orient Express, it wouldn’t be romantic to recreate this emblematic trip through Europe on your honeymoon? From Paris to Vienna and Budapest, passing through Belgrade or Bucharest to reach the exotic Istanbul. Travelers at the turn of the century, once arriving in the Turkish city, were staying at the Pera Palace, the place where Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express. It’s a pity that it stopped operating in 1977, although the same route can be made through different trains.



The one that does exist is still the Eastern & Oriental Express with its luxury compartments. From Bangkok to Singapore (or vice versa), crossing the famous bridge over the river Kwai. And speaking of luxury, the Palace on Wheels travels through Rajasthan making you feel like a true Raja. Although my personal experience recommends you to take this tour through the north of India in another way.



Continuing with this high range, also highlights the Royal Scotsman, a luxury train to explore the Scottish Highlands with activities of all kinds including: from visits to distilleries, hiking in forests and mountains, practice fishing or clay pigeon shooting or visiting mansions and battlefields. For every taste.

The last idea that I want to propose to you is on the other side of the ocean. In 1869 the last sleepers of the railroad were put in Utah, communicating by train the two coasts of the United States. That original line, the Overland Route, only carries goods, but the California Zephyr covers part of that original line, from Chicago to San Francisco. The great advantage of a train like this one is that you can shape the journey how it suits you, for adventurous travelers.