The words to say it

· 12 November, 2014 · 9:00 am

Some months ago we wrote about the infinite possibilities for civil weddings on our blog. Today we would like to focus on the ceremony itself and, especially, on its content.

There are couples who do not like a judge or a city councillor reciting some articles from the Civil Code about the rights and duties of the spouses. That is why the figure of Master of Ceremonies, a professional actor who writes a personal text about the groom and bride to present on the wedding day, has become very popular. Why don’t do it differently? Why not ask your crazy cousin or your best friend to lead the ceremony, so they can add their personal touch? The problem is that not everyone is able to write guide notes or speeches.

Today we present you an original project: Words To Say It. We are able to find the perfect way to express your feelings in unique and beautiful guide notes, both for civil and religious ceremonies. We also use our talent to write wedding vows –in prose or in verse- or readings for the guests. Do not hesitate to contact us if we have left you speechless.