Wine and relationships

· 30 November, 2017 · 12:51 pm

By chance of life, a few months ago -organizing a wedding in La Rioja- I met Alfredo, professional sommelier, director of Exquisite Rioja and passionate about wine. Talking for a while with him immediately related me the sensations that wine produces with the stages a couple goes through in their relationship.
The aromas that emanate from the quality wines serve as cable of therapeutic functions by provoking pleasant, comforting or analgesic sensations. This is because certain terpenes and fatty molecules of essential oils act on neuronal receptors and neurotransmitters, improving the emotional environment.
This way, the sparkling wine with its effervescence and bubbles would represent the butterflies in the stomach of that first stage in a relationship that we know as arrow shot and falling in love. The pink wine or carbonic maceration with its acidity and its explosion of fruit and alcohol would be equivalent to the passion that follows that phase. On the other hand, the return to the real world, the serenity and the routine would be represented by the wine of guard. And finally, true and complex love, with its nuances but intense, would be equated with mature wine.
Have you ever thought about it? What is the most special wine you have shared? What sensations did you produce? These and other emotions are what you can discover in a personalized tasting with this great expert in wine tourism.
As you can see here, even wine is linked to love… And to sex, but we leave the aphrodisiac effects of wine for another day.