Weddings for those who hate Weddings

· 13 March, 2017 · 6:19 pm

Why do we always relate the word marriage with tradition and formality? This post is dedicated to all those couples of my round who tell me that they are not going to get married because they do not like church matters nor seriousness on weddings… However, they like very much party and have fun with their people, as we say in Spain, more than a child a caramel!

And is that luckily, today there are options for all tastes. Weddings are no longer what they were (although always were transgressors) and protocol, tradition, appearance and formality have passed into a better life.

Weddings today are a reflection of each couple. They are held in original places that represent them in some way, with personalized civil ceremonies, many fewer guests (no compromises), no photo posies, informal meals, live performances, super personal decorations and a lot of surprises.

And is that naturalness is fashionable because the important thing is to be happy and enjoy that day with the people you love.