Looking for inspiration. Bridal dresses

· 13 March, 2019 · 9:19 am

As Instagram is a great place to look for inspiration, today I bring you some –I have folders with hundreds– of the best bridal dresses I have found investigating for this wonderful application. From the simplest to the most ornate, but always elegant and with that point of originality and sophistication that we like in Panateneas.

We started with brides with pants, are not these designs the most? The first is from the Atelier Dánae Tobajas Couture and the second from the French designer Laure de Sagazan.

Diseño de @danaetobajas_couture y foto de @bianchifotografia
Diseño de @lauredesagazan y foto de @laurentnivalle

I also love dream skirts like this natural silk brocade by Beatriz Álvaro.

Diseño de @beatrizalvaronovias y foto de @liven_ph

Or this one of En hilos de Seda.

Diseño de @enhilosdeseda y foto de @javiergurreafotografo

And original and different bridal dresses like the ones I show you below:

Diseño de @wearyourlovexo
Diseño de @atelierwnovias
Diseño de @bebascloset y foto de @lorenasanjose_photographer
Diseño de @Carmenmazanovias y foto de @monicaortdomin

I haven’t yet found out who is the designer, but I’m in love with this total song to the Boho style. Let’s see if someone can enlighten me…

@myoverseaswedding y foto de @graceloveslace

And this one by Argentine designer Nachi Gallo.

Diseño de @ngatelier y foto de @nicopannunziofoto

I’m also fascinated by the sobriety and elegance of this design by The 2nd skin co.

Diseño de @the2ndskinco y foto de @liven_ph

And the delicacy of these details from the Atelier of the designer Rubén Hernández.

Diseño de @rubenhernandezcostura_ y foto de @lakuriosa

For lovers of romantic lines, this design by Cayetana Ferrer, of those that never go out of fashion…

Diseño de @cayetanaferrer y foto de @kiwo_estudio

As a faithful follower of her collections, it couldn’t miss a dress by Australian designer Anna Campbell.

Diseño de @annacampbellbridal y foto de @thompsonandcampbell

And I finish with this outfit from Flor Fuertes, doesn’t have a lot of character?

Diseño de @flor_fuertes y fotos de @kiwo_estudio