Looking for bridal shoes?

· 6 October, 2021 · 12:31 pm

Like dresses, bridal shoes have taken a 180 degree turn in recent years. They have become a super important complement to the bridal look and are becoming more and more personalized. A few years ago we were writing in this blog about the boom colored shoes for brides versus the classic white shoe.

Today we bring you a selection of models and brands that we have fallen in love with. The choice was difficult because they are all so beautiful! But here are the 15 artisan shoe ateliers that we like the most. All of them make totally personalized designs so that first of all you are yourself and you feel super comfortable on your day.

Because footwear is super important, on a day-to-day basis, and more so on a day as important (and long) as your wedding, don’t you think so?

Cover image: Raquel López Atelier – Photo Pixan Fotografía and The camera obscura.