Breakfast with diamonds

· 29 October, 2015 · 11:23 am

A little over a year and a half ago, La Huella de la Vida and Panateneas began a difficult challenge: changing the mentality of Basque society with respect to death. Although our projects were different, we had the same goal, to make the funerary sector warm and personal. We wanted that death have a fundamental role in society as the representation of the end of a road and the survival of the deceased in our memories, and not as a mere process that those around try to pass as quickly as possible.

Today, sitting around three coffees, Merychus, Barbara and Ale we feel that we have a long way to go. But that we are not alone. Months ago we organized a Memorial Day as a space for debate from where we tried to bring up the subject of death from the sphere of taboo, sharing personal experiences on grief with all the attendees. And a good part of our day to day consists of meeting people and new projects. The La Huella de la Vida, in its different services -digital, emotional, memorial and legal-, is nurtured by great professionals of law, psychology, the digital world or the organization. While Panateneas, in the field of coordination of memory services and civil funerals, has a host of people who give the warmth we seek for such an event. We have also had the pleasure of finding great companions in the rest of Spain who are dedicated to mourning, accompaniment, funeral art and personal farewells.

Therefore, among all of us -in a tremendously masculine funerary world- we want to make a common fort. Join our forces so that all these rough diamonds can be heard. The message we want to convey is very clear: it is necessary to say goodbye, and a gesture, however small, can release the pressure of our souls.