The coordination of your wedding

· 17 April, 2023 · 7:02 pm

A few months ago we made a list with the steps to follow to start organizing your wedding. Today, we talk about the coordination of the big day.

The first step is to prepare a timing with all the details of the event to share it with all the professionals who will be part of that day. For this, it is essential to be clear about all the ideas and moments of your wedding, from the beginning of the preparations to the last dance, without forgetting the interventions or possible surprises of your guests.

As for the suppliers, it is necessary to have direct contact with them since during the last weeks and days before the wedding, you will have to make sure that all of them know what their role is, the time they must be ready, as well as the exact address (or addresses if different locations) for the ceremony, banquet or party.

The last few days are also the time to finalize the final seating plan with the restaurant or caterer, because at the last minute there is always a loss that implies modifications. And the final stops and schedules of the buses.

In the same way you have to take into account other details, such as the parking for the providers, the exact location of each one (taking into account the different plans depending on the weather forecast) and if they have any extra needs (for example, there are always missing plugs), the food of these professionals, having the envelopes ready with the money in the case you have agreed to pay by cash or anything else you can think of, no matter how trivial it may be.

Success is always in planning and anticipation. It is clear that last-minute unforeseen events can always arise, but when one anticipates possible problems, the chances of failure are less.

As we always tell you, it is best to have the help of a professional who is there at all times to check that everything happens as planned. And, if not, to solve it at the moment. In Panateneas we still have some free dates for this 2023, do not hesitate to contact us if what you want is simply to enjoy your day.

The photos that illustrate this post are by Artefoto Donoti, for Fiona and Tommy’s wedding at Mirador de Ulía. With the wonderful work of Odile Laskibar, El Marco Blanco Peluquería, Bodas Eva, Villaflores, Unax Noga and Nemux.