How to invest your wedding budget

· 26 January, 2023 · 8:47 am

This was another of the topics you suggested to me to talk about. And it is because the economic is a fundamental point in the organization of a wedding. Obviously the first step is to know how much money you have, that is, what is your total budget?

It is quite difficult to generalize, but right now we could say that an average wedding of about 100 guests in the Basque Country can cost around 23,000-25,000€. The brunt of this budget, 65-70%, corresponds to the restaurant or venue. Of course, it will depend on the chosen menu, what is included in that price per person, if you have to pay a rental fee or the price of the open bar and the night snacks.

Your outfits, especially bridal dresses and accessories such as jewelry, headpieces or shoes, will also get a good chunk of the total amount. Even more so if your choices are handmade and tailored.

The photographer, the video, the decoration and the musical issue (DJ or live music), are the following most significant items. And the amount to pay for each of them will depend on how important the memories or the flowers are to you or the interest you have in music. In an average wedding, each of these points starts at 1,500€.

Lastly, we have other suppliers of lesser value but no less important. For example, hairdressing and makeup, stationery, ceremony office, child care, photo booths or other kinds of extra entertainment, rings and their holder, the candy bar, buses and special cars or favors for the guests.

As you can see, everything is taken into account and it is very important to decide in advance what you want to give more importance to. Remember that less is more and that it is not necessary to hire everything or turn a wedding into a circus or fair. Conversely, a wedding is about enjoying your couple and your loved ones being yourself, so you just have to think about how you both are and reflect that on your big day. Easy, right?

The pictures that illustrate this text are from the photographer Cristina Marrodán for the wedding of Cristina and Iñaki in Burgos.