Who do I invite to my Wedding?

· 21 September, 2016 · 8:46 am

Today we are going to deal with one of the issues that most controversy creates us when we decide to get married: who do I invite to my wedding? There are people for whom it is a real ordeal to make this decision thinking about what the other person will think.

A lot of schemes circulate through the internet, trying to shed light on the subject with questions as if you have seen him in the last year, if he invited you to his wedding, if he is a relevant person in your company and that is why you see yourself under the obligation not to be discourteous, or if your parents will make a drama to exclude them.

This is a way of seeing it. But if you are one of those who pass commitments from Panateneas we only ask you two questions: Is that person important to you? Do you think it is important for that person to share your day with you? The others they are too many. Itis your wedding. Enjoy it with those who love you!