Trends in children’s suits and dresses for winter weddings

· 10 November, 2020 · 8:55 am

Winter weddings have become popular in recent years. More and more couples are choosing the fall and winter season to get married. And it is because winter weddings have that romantic and homely touch that makes them irresistible and that manages to create an atmosphere in which each moment of the ceremony is unforgettable.

If you have chosen to celebrate your wedding in the coldest months of the year, you may be looking for every detail to be in accordance with the time and style of the ceremony. In that case, you can’t forget the winter looks of your wedding pages. It always produces a lot of tenderness that the bride arrives at the ceremony accompanied by a wedding party formed by the children closest to the family. The little ones bring that fresh and unpredictable touch that relaxes the solemn entrance of the bride.

Again, we spoke with Quémono to discover this year’s page trends for winter weddings. In case you missed it in the past, Quémono also taught us a few tricks to dress flower kids and pages in more summer weddings.

The ideal is that the pages in winter wear comfortable and warm looks. All this without forgetting that one of the advantages that winter weddings offer compared to those celebrated in warmer months is the possibility of playing with different fabrics; velvet, cloth, corduroy, fur garments… there are many fabrics with which build looks for children who attend ceremonies in winter.

Before choosing the winter ceremony clothing that the children that make up the wedding party will wear, we must decide how we want to combine the children with each other. One option is that they wear the same fabric and the same colors. However, you can also make them match in a more subtle way, making your outfits of the same fabric but in different colors.

The pants or skirt and jacket sets are a very good idea for the little ones to go to the wedding warm and very handsome. In addition, the fact that the set consists of a shirt and a jacket will allow them to be able to take off their jacket if after so much dancing they are hot. For this moment, nothing better than choosing a shirt that is simple, but that has some special detail so that the little one continues to be in line with the tone of the ceremony. Choose pieces with plumetis details or fun collars to keep the outfit elegant.

The idea of choosing multi-piece winter outfits is also a very good opportunity to reuse your ceremonial clothing. Once the full outfit has been worn at the ceremony, the children can continue to wear the jackets, skirts or pants in their day-to-day life if they are combined with other more informal garments. This idea is sure to delight page moms.

Another possibility for children to go irresistible to the wedding is to combine the girls’ ceremony dresses with the boys’ pants. For example: if the girls are wearing a gray velvet dress, the boys can wear the pants or shorts in the same fabric. In this way, there will be concordance between the two looks, but each one will have a different style.

For outfits for both children and other guests, at winter weddings it is essential to wear a warm garment. In the case of children, the most normal thing is to choose a coat or jacket to match the rest of the outfit. In the case of girls, the range is a little wider and you can not only opt for warm knitted coats and jackets. You also have layers or delicate little bowls in velvet or fur fabric with which the little ones can continue to wear their delicious looks without giving up being warm.

So far we have seen how to dress pages for winter weddings, but what about babies? Younger children can also be beautifully dressed in winter ceremony clothes. Of course, if comfort in the case of pages was important, in babies this is essential.

You can choose bloomers in velvet or corduroy combined with white shirts or with a toile du jouy print. For girls, you have dresses and “jesusines” that you can match with the boy’s outfit. In addition, you can finish the girl’s outfit with matching diaper covers. You can complete the look of the babies with sashes and bonnets. Choose these accessories in the same colors and fabrics so that the set is especially beautiful.

If you are interested in knowing how to dress a teenager for a winter wedding, or for a more specific age range than we have seen, take a look at this article on how to dress children for ceremonies according to their age.

As you can see, you have a wide range of possibilities with which to dress your little ones, whether they are one of the pages or if they are part of the guest list. Brown, beige and gray tones are the stars of the winter wedding looks. However, you can also opt for garments in garnet, green or blue colors. What you should always keep in mind is to choose clothes that are comfortable and that respect the style of each child. Only in this way they will feel at ease, enjoy the celebration and keep that winter wedding in their memory as one of the most special days of their childhood. Help them to create the perfect scrapbook!