The godparents of your wedding

· 2 May, 2023 · 10:45 am

Today we talk about your godparents, their role in the celebration and the latest trends on the subject.

In Spain, weddings have been linked to the Catholic religion until very recently, which is why today the classic role of godparents is preserved, even for civil weddings. Traditionally, this role has corresponded to the father of the bride or the closest relative if there is none, such as brothers or uncles, and the mother of the groom or another woman who is very close or important to him. It is important to note that although the figure of the godfather is related to the act of giving the woman to another man, today it has lost that symbology, representing only love and accompaniment on a special day.

Likewise, in addition to accompanying you both, your godfather and godmother have other tasks, such as bearing the rings and “arras” (coins) if there are no pages, holding the bouquet, controlling your nerves and checking that everything is in order. They should also say a few words of thanks and toast the couple.

As in all aspects surrounding weddings, other customs have been adopted in recent years, especially for civil weddings that do not involve as much protocol. For example, there are couples who prefer to walk alone, without godparents; others who want to do it with their pets; or even those who want to enter the ceremony directly together. There are also those who exchange roles for whatever reason, that is, his father is the godfather of the bride and her mother is the godmother of the groom; brides who want to go to their mother and vice versa; or those who want to do the walkway with both at the same time.

The truth is that nowadays everything is allowed and the important thing is to feel comfortable and happy on such a special day. From here I advise you to think carefully about what you want and to stay away from obligations and discomforts. It is your day!