Wedding gifts: the famous “lists”

· 7 November, 2019 · 9:30 pm

Gone are the traditional wedding lists in department stores such as El Corte Inglés or other classic furniture and home decor stores. And arose the very comfortable (but for some vulgar) idea of directly giving an account number where depositing the amount that each guest was willing to contribute.

Given this “need” began to create webs of “fictional lists” that each couple can customize with their tastes –not only with porcelain vases, also with stages of the wedding trip or dinner in restaurants– so that each guest can buy the gift he wants and leaves a personal message to the bride and groom. Although, in the end, what the couple receives is directly the money (less, of course, the management costs).

And now we go one step further with the websites (such as or where you can create a wedding list (or any other type of event) by adding products or services that can be find on portals like Amazon, Ikea, Macy’s, West Elm, etc.

Great, right? Of course, it wouldn’t take long to fill out my wish list, and you?