Headpieces for brides

· 17 June, 2021 · 7:33 am

A few weeks ago we talked about earrings. Today, continuing with the accessories for the bride, we talk about headpieces.

Headdresses and hats have always been present in the guest looks at morning weddings, giving sophistication and elegance to the outfit. But in recent years, brides have also begun to incorporate headpieces, headbands and other accessories in their bridal looks.

From tiaras to crowns, through headbands, turbans, floral appliques, hairpins, combs, etc. Handcrafted in rhinestones, different metals such as silver or old gold, with feathers and beads, pearls and Swarovsky crystals, porcelain, wax, and a very long etcetera.

We have made a selection for you with the 10 headpieces and crowns that we have liked the most lately. Take a look.