Harmony, the key to weddings

· 18 May, 2017 · 10:35 am

The Royal Spanish Academy defines harmony as the «proportion and correspondence of some things with others in the set that form». When we design a look for a special occasion we take into account all aspects. That everything combines and follows the same style: Dress, shoes, handbag, accessories … Even the smallest details like the color of the nails or the lipstick are important. This is harmony.

And that’s when I ask myself, what happens at weddings? I am not referring to the dress but to the coherence of the event. That if my neighbor is a photographer, the friend of my uncle who has a catering, my cousin who in his free time plays music and everything haphazardly. Do you imagine this applied to our attire? Or to the decoration of our houses? It would be totally outlandish…

And is that every professional in the wedding sector has a style that characterizes their work. And know how to pool all making the celebration reflect the essence of each couple entails a job. For that, among other things, we are the Wedding Planner. So that nothing be out of place, to make subtle winks, not to unite in a same event all the boards of Pinterest that we like. Because nothing in a wedding is the result of chance and behind that great day hides the work and dedication of many months thinking of you.