· 16 May, 2016 · 12:51 pm

Do you have houses that are impossible to sell? Today we introduce you to Merychus and her new decoration project, DecoCoach.

Panateneas: What is DecoCoach?
DecoCoach: It is a company of Home Staging, real estate marketing, which is, decorating to sell. We depersonalize and optimize spaces with different techniques, making them more suitable for sale. It is not lived as it is sold. For example, not everyone likes a very classic or very modern house, very full of art or furniture; instead, the neutral, the simple, what gives light and warmth, yes. That is our function.

Panateneas: Who is behind this project?
DecoCoach: My name is Merychus. I always liked the decoration and the fashion, as a young lady they were my two passions and I made my first steps. My eyes went to the dollhouses, those beautiful houses, with wallpaper, bathrooms, furniture, and other miniatures. To give you an idea, as a teenager I did not buy the Super Pop, but El Mueble. I wanted to go to Barcelona to study decoration and fashion, but at home they did not let me, and they encouraged me to study secretarial work. Later I went to college to do business, but I got really bored. I left home very early and I got married very young. We lived for some time on the island of Sumatra (Indonesia), inside a paper factory. The company where my ex-husband worked gave us a house inside the factory, it was supposed to be a V.I.P house, but when I saw it I almost fainted. It was a kind of garage with a bathroom and another room with a bunk. Three days later it was the envy of the factory! I went to town and bought furniture, by the way, very cheap compared to here. I bought textiles, crockery, in short, something curious considering that I was living in the middle of the jungle. Immediately the ladies included me in “Thé mornings”, and very in spite of their husbands, they began to buy things, things and things. When I left the factory, I found that among them they had decided to buy my furniture, they had everything chosen. And other groups in the factory too. I was amazed when a group of Hindus invited me to a party to offer me the same. In the end a Spanish companion was left with everything, since them really belonged to the company. Then life took me to the commercial world of reprography and computer science and decoration left it as a hobby, until now that I have returned with a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. I am an expert in decoration, home stager, a great public relations and a very good buyer. On the other hand, I also have successful vacation rentals, and I also used there Home Staging techniques.

Panateneas: How did the idea of doing it here come up?
DecoCoach: The truth is that I have always devoured books, magazines, programs, workshops on decoration and interior design, but actually started with something personal. For years I helped a person close to give out some properties he had and so I started reading about this service. Barbara Swart was the pioneer of Home Staging in the United States in the 70s. She was a real estate agent who saw that if she put the properties in a certain way, preparing them as if it were a theater scene, she would get them sold before and without price drops. A few years ago I saw that this type of services was beginning to break out, and I started thinking about that idea that had fascinated me since I was young. And here I am, with the same desire of 15 years.

Panateneas: What services do you offer?
DecoCoach: Home Staging, planning and coordination of works, decoration, personal shopper for decoration purchases and advice. From choosing a wallpaper for a room to buying a duvet cover, decorating a baby room or adapting the house for the elderly or disabled.

Panateneas: What is Home Staging?
DecoCoach: It is marketing, real estate marketing. We prepare the property as another product for sale. In the same way that people when they sell their car, clean it, repair things, remove bad smells and photograph it, why not the flat if the sale is much more important?

Panateneas: Can you make things with a low budget?
DecoCoach: Yes, from 1€/m2 to what the client wants. There are different services, the basic one, which we call Bronze consists in advising clients from a tour of the property in which all the things that need to be improved are pointed (dropped plugs, small repairs, colors that are more convenient, objects of decoration that could be put, etc.) In the Silver service we also help them do it, renting decorative objects, cardboard furniture, and we include a pack of photographs, one for each stay. In Gold, the client is oblivious to everything, we do everything and even coordinate the renovations and emptying of rooms, personal shopper services, decoration or purchases.

Panateneas: Tell us about purchases.
DecoCoach: When a client contracts the service of personal shopper of decoration, several shops are chosen before according to what one wants to buy, furniture, textiles, accessories, etc. It is a full day of 8 hours with a fixed price, 250€ plus expenses. The shopping service is different. The client is taught a series of objects and after agreeing which ones he wants, we send them to him. Here the price is per hour plus a percentage of the billing.

Do not forget to contact Merychus if you have difficult properties to sell or you want to make improvements in your home, she will be happy to assist you!
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