My task as a Wedding Planner: Make people happy

· 7 May, 2020 · 10:09 am

Many times when I upload pictures to my social media I think if that wonderful bouquet, that dream dress, that ideal guest corner where no detail is missing or that cake that seems more like a work of art than something edible, represent what a wedding is and the work that a Wedding Planner actually does.

Not that I despise all this work. Unlike! I love to design and decorate spaces that are coherent and reflect the identity of that couple. And find the right professionals for each moment. I am a big fan of flowers, candles, beautiful stationery… But when I think about what the objective of a wedding is, my mind goes further and I always end up thinking about people. Both the bride and groom and their guests, because the goal is to make them happy. My reward is those tears and laughs of happiness.

So the best feeling that a wedding planner can have is to leave a wedding between hugs and –actually– without being let her go. Have calls the next day to thank you for the work. And that this continues to happen for days… Messages and emails from time to time and remember her when they have children or that they recommend her to other couples. The best reward is that those moments always remain in memory as one of the best and happiest experiences of their lives.